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  • Access to the 8-Week YTBB video course ($4997 Value)
  • ​Four 1-on-1 Coaching Calls ($4997 Value)
  • ​Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls ($2997 Value)
  • ​21 Done-For-You Templates ($2997 Value)
  • Exclusive YTBB Mastermind Community ($2997 Value)
  • ​​$5,000 Profit Guarantee (or all your money back)

Course Length:

8 Weeks


For Beginners

The Goal:

Recurring Passive Income!

What is it?

YouTube Business Blueprint is an 8 week coaching program that holds your hand as we take you from absolute beginner to making serious passive profits for years and years with your own videos as quickly as possible.

Who is it for?

YTBB is for anybody who wants to start making additional income in their lives. It works for anybody, regardless of your age, location, knowledge or previous experience. All you need is a desire to make money.

Where does it happen?

YouTube Business Blueprint Coaching Program all happens online and consists of training videos, weekly Q&A calls, 1-on-1 Zoom coaching calls, a Facebook community and a bevy of bonuses. Everything happens online and on your own schedule.

How does it work?

It's simple. You watch the videos, complete the weekly to-do list while using your coaches and all the provided resources and templates. Ask questions in the FB group or on the live Q&A calls, follow the process, get results.

When does it start?

YTBB is an online coaching program that starts the moment you enroll. Everything is to be completed on your own time and on your own schedule. You can go as fast or as slow as you wish

Why does it exist?

We created YTBB because Niche YouTube Channels are such an incredible business model to get into, but there was nothing else online that showed a complete beginner how to profit massively from the exploding evergreen video market. We filled that void.

Here's what you're going to get...

YTBB Video Course

Broken into 6 easy-to-follow modules that take you step by literal step from absolute beginner to getting millions of views on YouTube and generating ad revenue!

($4,997 Value)

Four 1-on-1 Coaching Calls

1-on-1 calls are structured to get you life changing results with your very first video. You'll speak with an YTBB coach to make sure you're on the path to profits.

($4,997 Value)

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

Hop on a Zoom call with us and the rest of the YTBB community every Monday - Thursday where you can talk to us directly and we will troubleshoot any issues you might be facing. We don't leave until every question is answered. 

($2,997 Value)

21 Done-For-You Templates & Resources

We created these templates for you to remove all the friction we possibly could so you can focus on making money as quickly as possible.

($2,997 Value)

Admission to the exclusive YTBB members’ only community

Welcome to the family! You can ask ANY question at ANY time and get a response within 60 minutes from us or one of the many other successful YouTubers in YTBB.

($2,997 Value)

Total Value: $17,752.00

Join Today! $5,000

*Hear from YTBB students themselves....

*Testimonials are from actual students with unique results. Your results will vary depending on factors that are unique to you, including your effort and level of commitment. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

🔥 But wait, there's more! 🔥

You'll also get these 8 amazing bonuses!

Bonus #1:
50 Profitable Niche List

If you’ve been worried about choosing the right topic… don’t be! We’ve done the hardest part for you. These are for you to copy and steal.


Devon's Team Training

How do you turn a few people overseas working for a few dollars an hour into a world class content creation team that cranks out viral videos consistently? You let them watch training videos from My Team and I where we teach them for you.


Bonus #3:
Tripling Through Translation

Leverage the content that you have already produced by converting the videos into different languages that are just as popular if not more than English on YouTube.


Bonus #4:
Fund For Free

Don't have a huge budget to outsource your video production? Don't worry! We will teach you 3 different ways that you can start your channel off with little to no money.


Bonus #5:
Celebrity Automation

How to automate channels where you show your face leveraging the same strategies for Faceless Niche Channels.


Bonus #6:
YouTube's Channel Flipping Secrets

How To Get An Investor Or Media Company Interested In Buying Out Your Channel So You Can Make A Years Worth Of Profit Upfront


Bonus #7:
Viral Automated Facebook Course

We will show you how to turn any niche YouTube Channel into a Viral Facebook Page… As well as how to Hire other people to do it for you. Making more money for you.


Bonus $8:
Viral Automated Tik Tok Course

The Complete guide to going viral on Tik Tok Without Showing Your Face. Leverage the videos you have already produced so that way you get more money in your pocket.


Everything you are getting today:

  • Access to the 8-Week YTBB video course ($4997 Value)
  • ​Four 1-on-1 Coaching Calls ($4997 Value)
  • ​Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls ($2997 Value)
  • ​21 Done-For-You Templates ($2997 Value)
  • Exclusive YTBB Mastermind Community ($2997 Value)
  • ​Bonus #1: 50 Profitable Niche List ($1997)
  • ​Bonus #2: Devon's Team Training ($1997)
  • ​​Bonus #3: Tripling Through Translation ($2997)
  • ​​Bonus #4: Fund For Free ($500)
  • ​Bonus #5: Celebrity Automation ($1997)
  • ​Bonus #6: YouTube Channel Flipping Secrets ($3997)
  • ​Bonus #7: Viral Automated Facebook Course ($1997)
  • ​Bonus #8: Viral Automated Tik Tok Course ($1997)

Total Value: $34,231

Join YTBB today for a one-time investment of: $5,000

*Student success that speaks for itself...

*Testimonials are from actual students with unique results. Your results will vary depending on factors that are unique to you, including your effort and level of commitment. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

Course Curriculum

When you join YouTube Business Blueprint, you will get full & immediate access to:

Meet Your Teacher 👋

Devon Canup is the founder of, an online education company that helps ordinary people escape their 9 to 5 job life using the Faceless YouTube Channel business model. YouTube Business Blueprint is the flagship program the Devon Canup created to fulfill their company's mission. You will be learning directly from Canup, the father of Faceless Channels, who have created dozens of (verified) 5 and 6-figure YouTube Channels. These are people who had no skills and no experience within publishing before joining the YTBB program who have now been able to quit their jobs and make more money than they ever did before at their job.

Frequently Asked Questions

👉 I don't have much freedom due to my full-time job. How much time do I need to build my YouTube Channel?

Almost all the successful YTBB students had full-time jobs or college classes when they first started. This course was made for you to create online income so you can eventually quit your job and be free. You can work at your own pace and easily build your business in your off time.

👉 What if I am not satisfied with the course?

We are so confident in YTBB and the results that we provide a 60 day profit guarantee for all members. What that means is if you take action on the program and you have not made at least $1,000 profit within 60 days, we will give you a full refund. That may sound crazy, but we do it to keep ourselves accountable and to prove that we will do everything we can to help you succeed. 

All we ask is that you use the program and the coaching. As long as you watch the first 6 weeks of training, use our coaching and actually publish 10 videos, you are 100% covered to receive all your money back if you are not happy. All we ask is that you give the program (and YouTube) an honest and proper fighting chance here.

👉 Why do we have refund requirements?

Look at the results above... YTBB works. Period. But it only works though IF you use it and take action. The best way for us to get you results is to get you to use the program. If you use the course and our coaching and fail, we take full responsibility and will cover your entire purchase AND let you keep the bonuses.

👉 Am I able to build my YouTube Channel from anywhere in the world?

Yes! With YTBB you will publish your Videos on YouTube! If you are in a country outside of the 100 countries that YouTube is eligible in, we have a solution for you. Once inside, just contact our coaches if you are in one of the few countries without YouTube and we will assist you!

👉 I have more questions that are not answered here, how do I get answers?

If you have any questions at all about the course, you can email us at We will always give you a straight answer, just allow us at least 24-48 hours to respond.

Get YTBB today for a one-time investment of: $5,000

*The experiences we have shared on the Become Viral site are real testimonials from real customers, but their results may not be typical. Your individual results will vary depending upon a combination of factors that are unique to you, including your content, level of commitment, and product offerings. We do not promise, guarantee, or warrant your success, income, or sales. You should purchase with the understanding that using the information and software purchased will take time and effort and may be applicable in some situations but not others.
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